Toby's gains from Cellfield Intervention

Cellfield has been very valuable towards making a positive difference for our son, Toby.  

There has been an excellent improvement in his reading level and comprehension after 2 Cellfield interventions.  

Before Toby began Cellfield, school was very much a negative experience for him.  His self-confidence was low, he believed he was not bright as he took so long to do the tasks and would struggle to get anything finished on time. We knew something wasn’t quite connecting so we took him along to Mark in Hastings who introduced us to Cellfield.  

We couldn’t be more pleased with the improvement in Toby across many subject areas as a result, and most importantly his attitude towards self-belief.  With improved confidence and improved reading ability he has matured a lot and we are so happy with his positivity towards life in general.

Before beginning Cellfield Toby was performing and testing well below his Age Norm, but he is now able to perform at his Age Norm for Word Attack and Passage Comprehension.  

Toby’s reading is now faster and more fluent.  He has good awareness of errors when made and will self-correct, whereas before Cellfield he would constantly over-run errors.  He previously omitted whole words and would even skip an entire line in a passage without any attempt to self-correct.  But he now maintains the flow of the story and thinks like a reader.

The support from Mark and his wonderful team at Vision Link Shattky in Hastings that facilitated the Cellfield programme was amazing.  They created a safe, happy learning environment for Toby.  

A special mention must go to Ange for gaining Toby’s trust through her kind, caring nature and her genuine interest in his hobbies.  We can’t thank you all enough.  

Joanna and Aaron