'The process of getting my Irlen glasses was easy and stressless....'

Before I got my Irlen Glasses, I was having difficulty reading and doing schoolwork.

I had never had this problem as a young child, it started when I became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Having always been an avid reader who read for pleasure and to relax, I was distressed when I could no longer concentrate and had difficulty reading and writing.

The words would swirl and move, a dull page would glare like bright, white concrete and my eyes got very sore, very quickly. I heard about Irlen glasses from one of my good friends. Both her brother and herself had had success with their Irlen lenses and noticed a great improvement in the amount of schoolwork, reading and tv watching they could do! I decided to see if they would help me.

The process of getting my Irlen glasses was easy and stressless thanks to Maree Gallagher (who did my initial screening) and Mark Eagle (who did the test for my specific colours), also the staff at Shattky Optometrists in Hastings were helpful and charming when I was picking out my new frames!

My Irlen glasses have helped me a great deal. They have made concentrating on schoolwork a lot easier and I am able to do longer school days (I am home schooled). The computer screen, which used to hurt my eyes, is now a breeze to look at! I can also read for pleasure again which I am very thankful for! I would recommend that children who are having difficulty with reading or with their vision are checked to see whether they could benefit, the way I and so many others have, from Irlen lenses.

Thank-you again to everyone who helped me to get my brilliant Irlen glasses.