My New Glasses are Cool

Before I had my new purple lenses I hated reading.

It was just about as painful as having my finger jammed in the car door! I used to see rivers running down the page of a book which stopped me reading some of the words and I sometimes missed out whole lines.

Since having my glasses I now enjoy reading in class and at home. I am now reading some longer chapter books. I have improved in my maths addition and subtraction from 46% at the beginning of the year to 98% in term 3. I like wearing my new glasses, they make reading a whole lot easier and a lot more enjoyable.

Benjamin Hansen, 10 yrs, Waipukurau. September 2009

Hi - I would like to say that we have noticed an improvement in Maddison's reading since she has had her (Irlen) lenses. I feel Maddison is more confident in her reading and is reading more fluently since she has been wearing them. We are very thankful that we found out about Irlen syndrome.

Maddison says,

"I like them because they have pink in them and people at school say to me that they like my glasses.

Thank you.