'I never knew that having coloured lenses could help and make a big difference....'

Finding out last year that I had Irlen Syndrome answered a lot of my questions.

I had problems growing up with my reading, writing, concentration, headaches, sore eyes and not being able to take everything down properly, lines moving on the page and seeing snail trails through the paragraphs in whatever I was reading.

I thought I should get my eyes tested and found out I needed glasses but my optometrist said it will not help all my problems. Then I had my two year check up and heard about Irlen syndrome and it sounded like me. I went to the specialist in Hastings (Mark Eagle) and got told I definitely have the problem.

Throughout my school years my teachers where putting my difficulties down to having a behavioural problem. I had never heard of Irlen Syndrome until I was told I had it and went through all the tests.
I never knew that having coloured lenses could help and make a big difference but they do. They have made a huge impact on my life if only we could have found out earlier it would have helped me even more.

Yes I do get asked questions when I wear my glasses like why they are tinted and no one has ever heard of it and no one has the problem. Knowing I have this syndrome and that it is easily fixed makes a huge improvement and the only way people can tell is by looking at my glasses.

I suggest getting tested for it if it sounds like you, it will really benefit your life in a very big way.