OculoMotor DysFunction

What is oculomotor dysfunction (OMD)

This is a sensorimotor anomaly of the oculo-motor system characterised by the inability to perform accurate, effective ocular saccadic and/or fixational eye movement patterns.

The effect of this disability is to make reading more difficult. It is not the same thing as Dyslexia.
Treatment for this problem will improve reading performance.

Discuss with your child, or make observations about their behaviour based on the following checklist, many parents are surprised by the results of just taking the time to really consider their child’s vision.

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Young girl with hand in a heart shape around eye


The signs and symptoms associated with Oculo-Motor Dysfunction (OMD) may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Difficulty visually tracking and/or following objects
  • Loss of place, repetition, and/or omission of words and/or lines of print while reading
  • The need to use a marker to avoid loss of place
  • Transposition when copying from one source document to another
  • Diminished accuracy
  • Inaccurate/inconsistent work product
  • Reduced efficiency and/or productivity
  • Inaccurate eye-hand coordination
  • Abnormal postural adaptation/abnormal working distance
  • Spatial disorientation/ dizziness/ motion sickness
  • Inconsistent visual attention/concentration or distractibility while during visually demanding tasks
  • Difficulty sustaining near visual function
  • General fatigue
  • Poor coordination/clumsiness