Concussion in the news again

Stuff reporter Brittany Keogh posted on their website on 25/09/21;  

     Top football striker off the field for good after third concussion.

This is another worrying story about how our Kiwi sports people are suffering from Concussion and Acquired Brain Injury.

Since 2010, ACC has paid out more than $7 million on 5,472 claims related to concussions that happened on the football field.

Of those, the majority – 58 per cent – were seen in 10- to 19-year-olds.

She reports how Tom Jackson, Team Wellington's highly valued striker,​ received his third traumatic brain injury and has had to call "Time" on his football career.

Over the next four months, he experienced “extreme fatigue”, headaches, light and noise sensitivity and difficulty concentrating.

His brain injury affected every part of his life.

He was off work for a month, before gradually increasing his hours from two a week back up to full time.

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