Common clinical issues after a concussion

The patient knows for themselves, that their Vision is disturbed after a traumatic Brain injury, or a concussion or a stroke.

After thorough assessment of symptoms and clinical changes, the most common Neuro-Optometric diagnoses are:
-  Binocular Vision Dysfunction
 -  Accommodative Dysfunction
 -  OculoMotor Dysfunction
 -  Convergence Insufficiency
 -  Convergence Excess
 -  Photophobia
 -  Visual Stress / Pattern Glare / Irlen Syndrome
 -  Visual Midline Shift Syndrome
 -  Visual Perceptual/Processing Disorder
 -  Visual-Vestibular Integration Dysfunction

Here at VisionLink, we find the problems, and we provide therapy to help rehabilitate your Binocular Vision and your Cognitive Visual Perceptual processes.

We help patients get back to work quicker and with less stress.

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