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Vision Link Behavioural Optometrists provide research based treatment for convergence insufficiency, oculomotor dysfunction, spelling and reading problems, dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, Aspergers, Learning Related Vision Disabilities, migraine and brain injuries. We are uniquely positioned to assist Visual Perception through the use of Vision Therapy, Irlen tinted lenses and Cellfield Intervention.

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Irlen Testimonials 2012


We are truly grateful to receive the answers and help we looked for, for 13 years!

I had taken my son, Jesse, to optometrists from the age of 4 years...something was wrong with his vision. He'd lean his head backwards and forwards when reading, liked reading in low light conditions and struggled at other times. Despite this, he adored books and would spend hours each day immersed in them but would complain of "the words moving", being "unable to focus" having "a headache in my eyes". Optometrists found no problems with his vision.

When Jesse hit the teenaged years, his problems really began to magnify. He would lose words from the page completely and, when reading aloud to audiences, would skip whole lines or segments in the reading. So it was back to the optometrists, to no avail. He had "perfectly normal eyes". We ordered large print books and bought a magnifying glass for his NCEA exams as he couldn't read well enough to answer the questions.

Having the goal of becoming a mechanic like his grandfather led to the need to gain a driver's license, unfortunately Jesse could not see well enough to pass the driver's eye test. This led to many visits to optometrists, opthamologists and specialists...he was even scanned for a brain tumor!

Then one day, an opthamologist noticed Jesse could read some eye tests, but not others...the size didn't seem to matter, but the lighting and colour did. Still we had no answers.

At 17 years of age, in a doctors' exam, Jesse mentioned the problems with his eyes and was referred back to an optometrist. This time, being able to clearly explain what he was experiencing and what the last opthamologist had noted, he was referred to Mark at Visionlink.

What a revelation! For the first time someone could provide some answers. Jesse was fitted with Irlen lenses and his reading ability immediately improved three or four lines on the eye chart! He has had Irlen lens glasses for a few months and his ability to read and write have improved like we could never had even hoped for. Maths became easier. English was no longer hours upon hours of struggling but can be completed at speed. A month after getting his new lenses, Jesse gave a talk in front of a thousand people and was word perfect. He didnt skip any word, lines, phrases...not one!

There is still some work to do with Behavioural Optometry (which he starts on this week) but already his confidence has grown, his abilities have been strengthened and he has no more migraines!! His lenses are so comfortable and helpful, he wears them all day everyday. We are truly grateful to receive the answers and help we looked for, for 13 years.

Jenni Young (Jesse's mother)

We have received three lovely testimonials from the Stantiall girls, Lily, Paige, and Stella...

Since I've had my new glasses I've improved in all my classes, sports and other every day activities. It is easier to see as it is clear, not blurry and lines do not move anymore. I don't walk into the doorways any more and I am not so clumsy. I was not too keen on getting the glasses in the beginning but once I got them I have not taken them off since.It has changed my life so much as everything is easier and I wish I had got them earlier.
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Lily Stantiall (aged 15yrs) from Marton


The glasses that I received to wear have made it a lot easier to read. They have also improved my neatness in all my work. I wear my glasses a lot because they definitely do the job. I also understand a lot of my school work easier because they change the colour of the back round and makes it easier to focus.

I definitely recommend Irlens.

Paige Stantiall (aged 12 years) from Marton


Hi my name is Stella Stantiall. I am 9 years old. My Irlen glasses have made a big difference for me. I can read at a higher level. My glasses hold the words still when I am reading and writing. The paper doesnʼt sparkle anymore.

Stella Stantiall (aged 9yrs) from Marton

Elliot sent us this;

When I first tried the Irlen lens it felt like my eyes were hopping into a warm bath on a very cold day...
Elliot Ryan (Aged 11yrs)  Hastings

"Harry is now happy to sit down and read for pleasure"

Harry (age 11yrs)  is really enjoying his glasses and comments regularly about how great they are. According to him it makes his reading and spelling a lot easier because he can see it clearer. We have noticed an increase in his attitude to reading - he is now happy to sit down and read for pleasure whereas before it was a battle to get him to read! It did take him a few days to get used to them at school, he would be wearing them on the mat and peering over the top of them to see things. After discussion with him, he now just uses them at reading and writing time unless there is a lot to read at maths time. This works well and his teacher is pleased with his progress.

See you in a few months for another check up!


Katrina (Mum) Havelock North,    July 2012


"I am so much happier"

Now that I have my glasses they have really helped a lot. I am so much happier and finding school a whole lot easier. My marks are improving a lot and my parents and teachers are seeing the big difference. So thank you so much.

 Laura MacKinlay (Aged 15yrs)    July 2012


"Life is a lot easier now"

Hello my name is Jorja. I hated school, the work was too hard and got harder the other kids made fun of me and I thought I was dumb. My mum tried to help me but she would get angry with me, she talked to my teachers and then we got my eyes tested they where good. Other people tried to help me too my aunty Trish she's a teacher told my mum to get me tested with Mark Eagle for Irlen treatment. This year I went to see Maree at Shattky Optometrists she asked lots of questions and made me read stuff then she put colored sheets of plastic stuff over my reading and made me read again and again the purple sheet made things really easy to see and read, I made no mistakes and missed none of the words, it was so cool. Maree gave me a book to show her what my words would do when I tried to read without the purple sheet. When I showed my mum I thought she was going to cry she asked why did you not tell us that the words looked like that I said don't yours do that. Since I've had my Irlen glasses they are purple and blue mix together really cool, things are really improving I've gone up 3 or4 reading levels and the kids don't make fun of me anymore. Love going to school my teacher this year is Mr. Gibbs at Greenmeadows School and he is helping me and my mum he is so cool and I'm not dumb. Thank you everyone for helping me.

Jorja (Aged 11) Hastings


Jorja is eleven this year and we are so proud off her she is working so hard. Her glasses have made such a different at school and at home. The change is incredible we don't have the angry, moody, unhappy little girl that we had for the first time since starting school 5 years ago. The best part is she has stopped saying she is dumb and stupid. Getting her to school in the mornings is so easy know we don't have to fiscally dress her or force feed her and take her kicking and screaming to school it was so heart breaking. Life is a lot easier now thanks to Mark and Maree.

School's so cool Thanks.

Diane Fryer (mum)  Hastings   July 2012


"I can read a lot better"

Hi Maree,

I had trouble reading before I had my Irlen glasses but now I can read a lot better and I'm reading bigger books. I can concentrate on my reading and not get distracted.

Lily Galloway (age 12) Dannevirke

" .. he has written loads today and he says it is a lot easier now."

Hello Mark,

I would just like to thank you and the team at VisionLink on behalf of Jordan and the testing etc for his Irlen Filter glasses.

Yourself, Tim, Michelle and Natasha have all been amazing.

He is very proud of his glasses and really wants to wear them, below is part of the email I received from his teacher.

"He went very well, he was reading very confidently and for the first time read to the class and wearing them with pride.  It has had a big impact on his writing already, he has written loads today and he says it is a lot easier now he has the glasses.
So all good this end.  Hope he is still behaving himself at home.  Very happy with his continuing positive attittude.. "

Thank you for what you have done for Jordan, could you please pass on my thanks and of course Jordan's to everyone we saw.


Rebecca Adie   ( Dannevirke)   11/05/12

"....just the start of my new learning...."

Hi, my name is Casey Haines and I am 12 years old.

I had problems with my reading and computer studies at school.

We were told about Irlen Syndrome and mum said lets take the test, so I was so excited that we might find out that I may need glasses to help me.

This made me feel happier that I would be able to read better and not struggled. Mum and I went to town to celebrate and buys some new books for later when I got my new glasses.

Then we booked to go to Hawkes Bay for the weekend and organised  the appointment with Mark Eagle.

When we got there Mark was friendly and helpful. After we had a lens testing I was excited to pick out my frames, and a case for them to go in.

The weekend was fun with my family away, but I couldn't wait for them to arrive in the next week or so.

My glasses make me feel happier that I can read much better. I am also confident about reading in front of others.Mum and I now enjoy reading my new books as my glasses help with the movement of words.

The experience was easy and enjoyable with the staff and Mark was child friendly and made us all very welcome.

This is just the start of my new learning, I know now I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

Thank you for all your help.

Casey Haines (aged 12) of Palmerston North,   2nd May 2012


Its amazing what a pair of tinted lenses can do!

I have come from a long history of different diagnosis including ASD, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia.

Its only been as an adult that I have chosen to get Irlen lenses. I got my lenses last year and since then it has greatly reduced my sensory overloads from certain lights, I can read more better now without the words getting blurry and am able to focus more. It has opened up a different way to see the world in. Because I have Autism, my brain doesn't filter out the white light so having the Irlen lenses helps my brain to do that. Its amazing what a pair of tinted lenses can do! I use lots of other therapies to improve the outlook for my life, including the gluten- and casein-free diet and taking certain supplements. All these things make me have a better life.

Gabrielle Hogg  age 24 of Napier    16th March 2012