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VisionLink Behavioural Optometrists provide research based treatment for convergence insufficiency, oculomotor dysfunction, spelling and reading problems, dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, Aspergers, Learning Related Vision Disabilities, migraine and brain injuries. We are uniquely positioned to assist Visual Perception through the use of Vision Therapy, Irlen tinted lenses and Cellfield Intervention.

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18 Jan 2011
Mark Eagle

My son has his ability to read returned to him and many of his troublesome symptoms have been relieved from the treatment of Irlen's syndrome

6 Sep 2010
Mark Eagle

The Winter 2010 Newsletter of SPELD NEWS (Queensland) included two articles informing its members about Irlen's role in assisting reading disabilities.

1 Apr 2010

Is your child achieving to their potential?

15 Apr 2009

We tested most of the Junior school in a very busy day with 4 optometrists in the school hall.

We found lots of kids who were struggling visually and gave reports to the teachers.

1 Apr 2009

Vision for Learning programme visited Hereworth School to test students eyesight & Visual Perception.

3 Mar 2009

Here's our Phil Donaldson testing Brittany Godwin

2 Mar 2009

Optometrists from Vision Link and Visique Shattky on Russell Optometrists screened 270 children at Raureka School for FREE, thanks to a 'Vision for Learning' local initiative.

6 Nov 2008

Approximately 75 percent of those who received in-office therapy plus at-home treatment for Convergence Insufficiency reported fewer and less severe symptoms related to reading and other near work after the office-based vision therapy.