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VisionLink Behavioural Optometrists provide research based treatment for convergence insufficiency, oculomotor dysfunction, spelling and reading problems, dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, Aspergers, Learning Related Vision Disabilities, migraine and brain injuries. We are uniquely positioned to assist Visual Perception through the use of Vision Therapy, Irlen tinted lenses and Cellfield Intervention.

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Looking for a guest speaker for your group or club?

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Mark Eagle

I am always happy to share my passion for Behavioural Optometry.

I recently spoke to two groups on this topic to about 40 people at 'Cardiac Companions' group in Hastings and on a differant night to about 60 ladies at Waipukurau 'Viewpoint' group

If your group would like an invigorating Guest speaker with great news about the optical world, eye health or Behavioural Optometry, then I am always willing to step up for you. 

You'll enjoy it!

 Contact me through email to


P.S. Here is a testimonial from one of my recent speeches;

19th March 2014

To whom it may concern

We invited Mark Eagle to speak to VIEWPOINT member's: local women of Central Hawke's Bay, ranging in age 40 - 85 years. Our group meets monthly, to have a meal and listen to an invited Guest Speaker.

Mark kindly agreed to come down and speak. The topic he chose was "The Return of Rose Coloured Glasses."

He spoke for 45 minutes on the subject he is passionate about, and this showed through. Mark kept the ladies fully interested and if the number of questions is anything to go by, he succeeded in enlightening us with a subject that only a few knew about.

Mark is an entertaining speaker with a wealth of knowledge.

We would highly recommend him to speak to any group.


Helen Ellis

Guest Speaker Coordinator