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VisionLink Behavioural Optometrists provide research based treatment for convergence insufficiency, oculomotor dysfunction, spelling and reading problems, dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, Asperger's, Learning Related Vision Disabilities, migraine and brain injuries. We are uniquely positioned to assist Visual Perception through the use of Vision Therapy, Irlen tinted lenses and Cellfield Intervention.

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Our VisionLink Videos


Presentation from Mark Eagle

Irlen Testimonial

Cellfield and Vision Therapy Testimonial    


Behavioural Optometry

Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists (ACBO)

The British Association of Behavioural Optometrists (BABO)

Baltimore Academy of Behavioural Optometry 


Optometric Extension Program, USA

COVD, USA (Vision Development)

PAVE (Parents Active for Vision Education), USA

Sports Vision Association

HTS    - Home Vision Therapy

The Vision Help Blog   (very good)

Brain Injuries



United Kingdom   

United States (Irlen Institute International Headquarters)


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Cellfield - breakthrough computer vision therapy


Tyquin Group's data on their Cellfield successes in Australia



New Zealand Dyslexia Foundation

Interesting Vision-related links

Centre for Brain Science

Optical Illusions

Illusions and Photography Art