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VisionLink Behavioural Optometrists provide research based treatment for convergence insufficiency, oculomotor dysfunction, spelling and reading problems, dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, Asperger's, Learning Related Vision Disabilities, migraine and brain injuries. We are uniquely positioned to assist Visual Perception through the use of Vision Therapy, Irlen tinted lenses and Cellfield Intervention.

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Acquired Brain Injury

How do we help?

  1. An advanced level of understanding about the impact of head injury on your Visual Perception

  2. Optometric Vision Therapy
           We provide Office-based Optometric Vision Therapy, and provide Home-based eye 
           exercises and training to strengthen your control of your eyes and Visual Perception
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  3. Therapeutic spectacles to correct Spatial Perception
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  4. Prism Field Expander lenses for people with Hemianopia

  5. Irlen Syndrome Diagnostics and supply of Precision Tinted Lenses
            Genuine Irlen Precision Spectral Filters work to significantly improve visual comfort,
            don't settle for less than the authentic lens, they are affordable and nothing beats the real thing!
            Backed by published research, proven in the field for 30 years.
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We draw your attention to  Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA)

This is a group of committed individuals from various disciplines focus on advancing the art and science of rehabilitation for the neurologically challenged patient. 

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