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Vision Link Behavioural Optometrists provide research based treatment for convergence insufficiency, oculomotor dysfunction, spelling and reading problems, dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, Aspergers, Learning Related Vision Disabilities, migraine and brain injuries. We are uniquely positioned to assist Visual Perception through the use of Vision Therapy, Irlen tinted lenses and Cellfield Intervention.

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Mark Eagle; Behavioural Optometrist

Professional Qualifications and Registrations and milestones;

  • Graduated from Auckland School of Optometry in 1977 with Diploma in Optometry
  • Registered Optometrist
  • Registered ACC Service Proivider
  • Certified in use of Diagnostic drugs
  • Numerous Conferences in New Zealand and Australia
  • OEP Training course in America - the home of Behavioural Optometry
  • Appointed as Irlen Diagnostician
  • Appointed as Cellfield Therapist
  • Registered Service provider for ENABLE funding through HealthPac
  • Fully compliant with Continuing Professional Development requirements of NZAO and The Registrar of the NZ Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians Board

Professional Memberships;

  • New Zealand Association of Optometrists
  • Cornea & Contact Lens Society of New Zealand Incorporated
  • The Australasian Association of Irlen Consultants Inc.
  • The Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists
  • College of Optometrists in Vision Development

Professional career;


I have been a Director of Shattky's in Hastings and Waipukurau for more than 38 years.

I have driven the Excellence of our practice all my career, and we have won many highly esteemed awards in the Hawkes Bay region.

My style of practice is to be passionately commited to the broad scope of Optometry with an accent on  technological excellence. Shattky's has always being well ahead of our competitors.

Over 40 years of practice I have worked increasingly in the area of Behavioural Optometry which looks more deeply into Visual Perception. As times change, the language and the description of the work I do is moving more and more into that of being called "Developmental" or "Neuro-Developmental" Optometry.


My particular interests are in children with learning disabilities, adults with Visual Perceptual difficulties due to Acquired Brain Injuries and local sportsmen & women who seek the winning edge.

I have striven to develop an advanced understanding of light and the sensation of Vision.

My "Model of Vision" as a Behavioural Optometrist is expressed as ;

"Using the patterns of radiant energy incident on the tissues inside the eyes, our brain creates the experience of Vision, the Primary sense by which we derive meaning and direct our physical actions.

It is inherent to Vision that we need to manage change, and the stress of change, at biochemical, neural and perceptual levels.

Failure to manage change results in visual, physical & emotional stress, followed by reduced efficiency and physical change."